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About Secular

Secular Corporation is established in 1988.8 and made the joint venture with Japan Lapmaster SFT to design and manufacture the lapping, polishing machine and accessories.

Agency for Kemet UK diamond materials and accessories, Dukane USA ultrasonic welding machine and ultrasonic drilling equipment.


Secular History

  • 1988

    The early of Secular Corporation was the agent of foreign lapping and polishing machines in Taiwan marketing and provide the service for customers.
  • 1994

    Made the manufacturing agreement with Japan Lapmaster SFT to manufacture the lapping and polishing machines in accordance with Japan Lapmaster SFT Japan drawings supplied.
  • 1996

    To made a joint venture and established a Lapmaster SFT Taiwan to design and manufacture lapping and polishing machines.
  • 2003

    ISO 9001:2015 registration for design and manufacturing of fine grinding machine, lapping and polishing machine.
  • 2010

    CE Certification

Secular Organization