Professional Technology

Desktop Lapping and Polishing Machine

Feature Description :

  • Suitable for use in research and development division for small batch production and process development.
  • High precision lapping ability, effective lower cost and improved efficiency.
  • Special dressing method, which can control the flatness of the disc and ensure the machining accuracy.
  • The lapping plate speed can be slow start and slow stop function to solve the workpiece cracking, chipping and damage.
  • Can be lapping and polished in metal and non-metal applications.
  • A variety of professional design accessories are available to increase productivity and processing accuracy.

Application range:

  • Electronics : Semiconductor germanium wafers, Sic, GaAs, InP, magnetic heads, quartz oscillators.
  • Optical categories : optical glass, SAPPHIRE, digital product parts, filters, rearview mirrors, and mirrors.
  • Machinery : ceramic parts, mechanical shaft seals, mirror molds, gear and gear pumps, ultrasonic welding heads, die casting machines, engine parts, spinnerets, gate valves, compressor valves, hydraulic parts, clutch plates, brakes Gasket.
  • Automatic liquid diamond dispenser.
  • Water cooling unit + chiller.
  • Facing unit.
  • Positive drive for rings.
  • KEMET composite plate such as iron, copper, tin, tin/lead and ceramics.