Professional Technology

Pneumatic Lift Lapping and Polishing Machine

Feature Description :

  • The special surface water cooling mechanism is effectively control the flatness of the lapping plate surface to improve the processing precision.
  • High precision lapping ability, effectively reducing costs and improving efficiency.
  • Special dressing method, which can control flatness and ensure machining accuracy.
  • The lapping plate speed can be slow start and slow stop function to solve the workpiece cracking, chipping and damage.
  • Can be lapping and polished in metal and non-metal applications.
  • A variety of professional design accessories are available to increase productivity and processing accuracy.

Application range:

  • Electronics : Semiconductor germanium wafers, Sic, GaAs, InP, magnetic heads, quartz oscillators.
  • Optical categories : optical glass, SAPPHIRE, digital product parts, filters, rearview mirrors, and mirrors.
  • Machinery : ceramic parts, mechanical shaft seals, mirror molds, gear and gear pumps, ultrasonic welding heads, die casting machines, engine parts, spinnerets, gate valves, compressor valves, hydraulic parts, clutch plates, brakes Gasket.
LPM-24 LPM-36 LPM-48 LPM-56 LPM-72 LPM-84
  • Automatic liquid diamond dispenser.
  • Water cooling unit + chiller.
  • Ceramic conditioning rings.
  • Positive drive for rings.
  • KEMET Composite plate such as iron, copper, tin, tin/lead and ceramics.