Professional Technology

Precision Lapping and Polishing Machine

Feature Description :

  • The special surface water cooling mechanism is effectively control the flatness of the lapping plate to improve the processing precision.
  • The Facing Unit is a flatness control mechanism to be efficient in reducing the plate dressing time.
  • It has a 4-axis pneumatic cylinder independent drive and a 4-axis pressure plate water cooling mechanism with significantly improved function and performance.
  • High precision lapping ability, effectively reducing costs and improving efficiency.
  • The special dressing method is used to control the flatness to ensure the processing accuracy.
  • The lapping plate speed can be slow start and slow stop function to solve the workpiece cracking, chipping and damage.
  • Can be lapping and polished in metal and non-metal applications.
  • A variety of professional design accessories are available to increase productivity and processing accuracy.

Application range :

  • Electronics : Semiconductor germanium wafers, Sic, GaAs, InP, quartz oscillators.
  • Optical categories : optical glass, SAPPHIRE, digital product parts, filters, rearview mirrors, and mirrors.
  • Machinery : ceramic parts, mirror molds, spinnerets, gate valves, compressor valves, hydraulic parts, clutch plates, brake pads.
XJ-24 XJ-28 XJ-36 XJ-50 XJ-56
  • Micro tube pump.
  • Ceramics carrier plate.
  • Chillers.