Professional Technology

24LB Double-Sided Precision Lapping and Polishing Machine

Feature Description :

  • Simultaneous double-side lapping for flat workpieces.
  • Touch panel control, easy to be operation.
  • The outer ring gear can be up and down stepless to do the loading and unloading of the workpiece.
  • The arch type pressurizing mechanism is designed to be stable in pressure.
  • High-precision load cell control mechanism can be controlled the precise multi-stage pressure setting in the lapping and polishing process.
  • D.T.I thickness control mechanism, which can be controlled the size of the lapping workpiece.

Application range:

  • Electronics : Semiconductor germanium wafers.
  • Optical : optical glass, SAPPHIRE, window crystal, filter, glass wafer.
  • Machinery : ceramic parts, clutch plates, brake pads.
16-LB 18-LB 20-LB 24-LB
  • D.T.I thickness auto control.