Acting KEMET brand

Lapping Plates
Kemet Lapping Plates:Manufactured from a homogeneous mixture of synthetic resins, metal particles and key bonding/hardening.
The plates are designed for Kemet’s advanced lapping technology, perfectly compatible with Kemet Liquid Diamond.

Benefits of using Kemet Lapping Plates

  • Holds diamond particles firmly, ensuring both efficient stock removal and repeatable component surface finish.
  • Ductile qualities cushion the diamond particles, preventing damage to the workpiece.
  • Produced in varying hardness values so that even the softest material can be safely lapped with diamond particles without the fear of impregnation.
  • Easy control for optimum flatness.
  • Lapping/polishing plates available to fit all makes of lapping machines with plate diameters up to 3000mm.
  • Dissipates heat and prevents laminar flow of lapped surfaces.
  • Supplied with a cast iron backing plate for maximum stability.
  • Recommended when high precision flatness and surface finish are required.
  • Iron Lapping Plates:The most commonly used plate. For general purpose stock removal and lapping operations.
  • Copper Lapping Plates : Used to lap softer materials where fine lapping and polishing are the primary requirements.
  • Copper SP2 Lapping Plates:Can be used for lapping or polishing hard and medium hardness materials.
  • PR3 Lapping Plates:Used to generate highly reflective surface finish. Ideal for pre-pad polishing for minimum roll off.
  • XL Lapping Plates:Replacement for Lead/Tin plate, used for mirror polishing.
  • XP Lapping Plates:Gives improved flat polished surfaces on many materials. Flat mirror-like surfaces can be produced on many hard materials.
  • Tin Lapping Plates:One of the softest Kemet Plates used for mirror polishing with fine grades of Kemet Liquid Diamond.
  • Ceramic Lapping Plates:One of the hardest Kemet Lapping Plates. Used for special applications often where a cleaner lapping process is required.
  • FP Plates:A replacement for the Kemet Lead/Tin Plate, the Kemet FP Plate gives good stock removal, whilst producing high quality surface finish and flatness with Kemet Diamond Slurry.
Lapping Plate Grooving
Lapping plates can be supplied grooved to suit specific applications. A cross hatched pattern is common on Cast Iron Hand Lapping plates and Dual Face Machine plates and gives increased stock removal rates due to the additional cutting edges generated on each groove. A Spiral groove pattern is used primarily when polishing parts that need to have a good surface finish and flatness, allowing contamination to be carried away from the cutting surface and making it easier to keep the lapping plate contact surface flat. The edges of the groove maintain good stock removal even through the diamond particle size may be small.
Cast Iron Lapping Plates

We offer a wide range of cast iron lapping plates to suit most lapping machines. Available in 15", 24", 36" serratted or solid. Other sizes available on request.

Cast Iron Hand Lapping Plates
Hand Lapping Plates are suitable for laboratory, toolroom or maintenance workshops and can be used for lapping parts to extreme flatness in low volumes.