Acting KEMET brand

Optical Flats

Feature :

  • Optical flats are used to check the flatness of a substrate.
  • When a high quality optical flat is placed on top of a polished substrate and used with a monochromatic light source, light bands are formed.
  • The number of rings or straight lines shown is an indication of how flat the part is.
  • Produced from Quartz, Kemet Optical Flats are available in single and double sided, 1/4 light band accuracy (Higher accuracy available on request), in sizes from 25mm up to 600mm diameter.
  • Larger sizes made to order with configurations such as square optical flats, rectangle optical flats, donut optical flats and custom optical flat thickness are available.
  • They are supplied with Certificate of Conformity with full traceability to international standards.
  • Special optical flats are available on request.
Diameter1/4 light band optical flats (Lambda/8)1/10 light band optical flats (Lambda/20)
Single sidedDouble sidedSingle sidedDouble sided
25mm 361220 361237361221 361238
50mm 361222361215361223361239
75mm 361224361705361225361240
100mm 361226361210361227361241
125mm 361228361242 361229361214
150mm 361123361216361231361243
200mm 361232 361219 361233 361244


361217 361235 361245
300mm 361218 361246 361236