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Polishing pad

KEMET Polishing Pads





Available in soft, medium and hard.
Used with Diamond and Non Diamond abrasives.
A good general purpose pad with a relatively long life.


Extra hard chemical textile mats can be used for quick cutting.


For optimum flat mirror polishing of many metals.
This pad is available with adhesive resistance to oil or water, to suit the polishing abrasive being used.


Synthetic silk pad with durable woven structure for mirror finishing of most metals.
Commonly used with 3 Micron Diamond compound or finer.


Similar to MSFL with a rigid plastic liner.
It has good chemical resistance, excellent flatness and mirror finish on most metals, and mirror finish on most metals.
The material of the cloth surface is rayon.


A hard silk fabric that improves the cutting effect.


Preparation for metallurgical samples of 6 μm or finer fine diamond compounds.
Inlaid on a hard insulation sheet.
Prevent hydrocarbons, oil-based mud, and lubricating oil from immersing in the adhesive backsheet.
Achieve excellent flatness and surface treatment.


Extra hard synthetic silk pad on rigid backing.
Used for increased cutting action and good general flatness control.
Used with 14 Microndiamond compound and coarser.


The synthetic fluff is sprinkled on the cotton carrier.
After the 6 μm ASF-AW stage, it was used with a 3 μm Kemet diamond paste.


Synthetic flock sprayed on a flexible waterproof carrier.
A more heavy duty pad for use with 6 micron Kemet Diamond Compound and finer.


A short nap pad with woven backing used for metallographic and some optical polishing operations.
Commonly used with Kemet Diamond Compound 3 Micron and finer.


A longer and stiffer nap cloth used for some optical polishing operations.

Chem H :

For use with a chemical mechanical polishing process with Col-K colloidal silicoca suspension.

LIL-Plus :

A soft short nap cloth suitable for mirror finishing. Use with 3 micron diamond compound.