DUKANE Ultrasonic Welding Equipment

Ultrasonic Horn
Acoustic Tooling Ultrasonic tooling (i.e., horns and fixtures) is a critical element in the plastics assembly process. Ultrasonic horns and pedestals must be designed to meet the requirements of a particular application. Based on extensive experience, Dukane Ultrasonic Molding Engineers use the latest technology to create durable and reliable weld heads and bases for use with Dukane plastic assembly equipment. Ultrasonic mold engineers consider factors related to materials, engineering and labor in the early design stages. All application details, such as size, shape, material, function, etc., are evaluated.

Main Feature

  • Ultrasonic tools are designed with computer-aided design techniques.
  • The design, manufacturing, and testing phases are carefully documented.
  • Store structure and material information for retrieval, inspection and modification, if necessary.
  • Finite element analysis allows ultrasonic mold engineers to simulate the performance of the weld head before manufacturing.
  • Experienced staff improve existing designs and research new designs with the latest technical tools and rigorous testing.