Ultrasonic Equipments

Ultrasonic Drilling and Precision Machining Equipment

For rigid and fragile materials (semiconductor crystals, ceramic products, glass, etc.), deep holes can be made arbitrarily machining, micro-hole machining, precision machining (planar grinding), etc., and it is not easy to damage the workpiece.

Device Description :

  • Use general low frequency power to convert to 20 KHz high frequency power.
  • This high-frequency electrical energy is then supplied to a transducer that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, and the transducer-enhanced ultrasonic waves are applied to the processing.
  • The speed of the Spindle, which is given to the workpiece surface thousands of times per second through a diamond tool attached to the Spindle, is variable, ranging from 0 to 8000 RPM.
  • High-speed rotation combined with supersonic motion enhances the ability to cut.


  • Combined with rotating ultrasonic processing, water coolant creates a self-cleaning effect and reduces the need for diamond tool sticking.
  • Adding tools is lighter than normal and can be processed quickly and efficiently.
  • Lightweight tools help to drill small holes or deeper holes that are very close to each other.
  • Rotary ultrasonic machining reduces vibration and pressure between the tool and the workpiece, effectively increasing the life of the diamond tool.

▲ Brittle Material Process

▲ Finished Products

▲ Micro Hole Processing

▲ Deep Hole Processing

▲ Precision Machining