Application Range

Precision Lapping and Polishing Machine
Application Range
Q1 : Precision Lapping and Polishing Machine Applicable Material ?

Steel、Tool Steel、Stainless Steel、Die casting、Quartz、Silicide、Glass、Bronze、 Graphite、Plastic、Ceramic、Ferric Oxide、Carbide Wolfram、Carbide…and so on.

Q2 : Precision Lapping and Polishing Machine Degree ?
  • Flatness : under 0.3μm.
  • Parallel : under 2μm.
  • Smooth : Ra 0.01μm mirror surface.
Q3 : Precision Lapping and Polishing Machine Applicable Product ?

Electric Part
Silicon Wafer、Computer component、Viedo Parts、Crystal Quartz.

Machine Part
Ceramic Component、Mechanical Seal、Gear、Gear Pump、Die Casting、Engine Parts、Spinnerettes、Gate Valve and Valve Plates、Compressor Valve Plate、Hydraulic Parts、Clutch Plate、Brake Pad.

Optic Part
Optical flat、TV Tube Glass Parts、Camera Parts , Filter Glass、Mirror for Copy M/C、Automobile Rear View、Watch Dial Cover Glass

Principle of Lapping


Application Range

Q1 : Ultrasonics Application Range


Q2 : How is the Procedure

Q3 : What is the Element

Generator , Transducer , Booster , Horn
1. Generator (Power supply), it changes standard electrical power ( 120-240V , 50/60 Hz ) into electrical energy.
2. Transducer ( Converter ) it changes the electrical energy into vertical, low amplitude mechanical motion, or vibration.
3. Booster it is used to increase or decrease the amplitude of the vibrations.
4. Horn ( acoustic tools ) The vibrations are then transmitted to a horn of the proper size and shape to best deliver the vibrational energy to the workpiece.


Process Principle of
Ultrasonic Precision Machining